Working Around Joint Pain

Working Around Joint Pain 0

Aching and painful joints is a common malady, especially among older adults. While arthritis is a common culprit in causing joint pain, other factors include inflammation, repetitive motion, weak muscles, a lack of mobility and being overweight.
Bodyweight Training Will Actually Boost Your Brain Power

Bodyweight Training Will Actually Boost Your Brain Power 0

Confidence is contagious. Confidence builds self-efficacy. Confidence allows you to be better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you. One way to build confidence is by setting simple exercise goals, by working towards them and by ultimately accomplishing said goals. 
Why Women Should be Strength Training

Why Women Should be Strength Training 0

Lose weight, exercise more and get in shape are the most common things women want for their New Year’s Resolutions. Well, the most neglected or misunderstood part of the equation for achieving these aforementioned goals is strength training.
Making Fitness Goals Stick

Making Fitness Goals Stick 0

Whether it’s sticking to a program of physical training or being consistent with nutrition, we all fall off the wagon every now and then.  How can you make your health and fitness goals stick? The answer may start with having the proper motivation, but you’ll need a few more tools to get you through in the long run.