Customer Voices 

We are thrilled to say that over the 20 years we have been in business that we’ve had the privilege of supporting thousands of people worldwide with the most versatile and highest quality bodyweight training equipment.

Here are a few samples of what they say about us. 

The EQualizers are my favorite body weight tool. I can use them in my gym or outside for obstacle course training. We bear crawl through them, jump over them, do dips, push-ups, body rows and much much more!" Besides being a Spartan Group X (SGX) Obstacle Course Coach, Todd is a strength and conditioning coach that specializes in sports performance. He is StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor (SFG-II), FMS Level I certified, TRX Certified, a published author, and the owner of Precision Fitness in Westerly, RI.

Todd Cambio

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Lebert Fitness, thank you for what you've done for the fitness industry as a whole, and most importantly MY fitness business with your incredible training equipment. The EQualizer, HIIT System, and Stretch Straps are used every single day for MULTIPLE exercises per session at my bootcamp facility - the truth is we'd probably have to close our doors without them. The development time, attention to detail, high manufacturing quality, and "in the trenches" usability of these products are obvious from the first time you pick them. Your products over-deliver in every conceivable way, and your videos and blog are always giving me fresh new ideas on how to use them even better.  

Kaiser Serajuddin 

Fit Body Bootcamp Owner 

You can lift the EQualizer like you would a dumbbell – they’re eight pounds each – but, in my view, this product really shines for bodyweight exercises. The Lebert EQualizer is the best option around for doing triceps dips, incline pushups and single-leg exercises. What sold me: How it targets your butt like no regular squat or lunge can (see for yourself in the videos on their website or social media). When I first brought the Lebert EQualizer bars into one of my circuit classes at an all-women’s club, they became a main attraction and favourite fitness tool. EQualizers are a must-have for any progressive fitness facility, studio or home gym. 

Amanda Vogel 

Owner of Active Voice 

Simple, versatile, effective, and used every day in my gym, that's how I'd describe the EQualizer." Gunnar Peterson is a Beverly Hills-based personal trainer whose clients include celebrities, professional athletes and everyday people. He has worked with ahtletes from the NBA, NHL, NFL, professional boxing and various NCAA sports.

Gunnar Peterson

Beverly Hills Personal Trainer 

Lebert EQualizers are one of most versatile training tools in our centres. Initially purchased for boot camps and strength, they’ve become invaluable with yoga, fusion, Barre and particularly with our older adult and therapeutic programs. 

Libby Norris 

Fitness Manager, Community Recreation 

The product I use a lot is the Lebert EQualizers because I like to do a lot of assistance work for general conditioning for kettlebell lifting. So you can often find me doing dips and weighted dips on the EQualizers, since they are sturdy, versatile and don't take up a lot of room--like all of the Lebert Fitness products. 

Steve Cotter 

Founder/Dir Int. Kettlebell & Fitness Federation 

Case Studies

Profile: Better Body Bootcamp

Profile: Better Body Bootcamp

Our relationship with Lebert Fitness Products has been a wonderful one. They've been with us every step of the way, from the time we had one location all the way to the seven locations we have today. Throughout the journey, Lebert products have been an integral part of the process.

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Profile: EQualizers In Mohawk College

Profile: EQualizers In Mohawk College

Serving over 30,000 students, fitness plays a key role at Mohawk College.. Our campus boasts both a recreational fitness center and a separate teaching gym used in college programs. We purchased the Lebert EQualizers as a way to add variety to the equipment offering, but we quickly realized they were far more than just another piece of equipment.

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Profile: Kelly's Bootcamp

Profile: Kelly's Bootcamp

I had been running an outdoor Bootcamp, Kelly’s Bootcamp, for two years with hundreds of students, training in a parking lot primarily using body weight and hand weights. To balance out all of the pushing and pressing, I searched for a way to incorporate a pull.

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The Lebert Equalizer is a deceptive piece of equipment. It looks simple but has a range of complexity that I found intriguing and challenging. Yes, you could limit to using it to pull-ups and triceps dips, but there’s a massive addition to the EQs that we don’t often think of. That’s where you get creative and think of ways to challenge your body and can perform 100s of exercises. I also like the portability of the EQ. As I write this, I’m planning to be out of town for a travel nursing job (I am a Registered Nurse) and guess what piece of equipment will fit in my car and be readily available for a workout!?

Petter T.

As for my HIIT System that I purchased last summer, and didn’t get to use until this year... I love it! It’s a great addition to my outdoor training regimen. I mostly anchor it onto a pull up bar and get creative with it. The variety of exercises you can do on it seems limitless! Not to mention, I get sore (in a good way) like I’ve never been before at the gym with weights. Really happy with my purchase!


The Lebert HIIT System is genius and so simple! In my 40 years plus of resistance training, I have never come across a product that delivers such a great pump into my muscles. It’s literally unreal! I can do a 50-minute workout in just minutes and get better results.  

Max Brennan 

President & CEO HUM@Nmedia 

I like the HIIT System because it is one of the few ways to perform fat shredding cardiovascular work and build upper body and core strength simultaneously

Paul Sklar 

WOW! From the first time I used the Lebert HIIT System I knew it was going to make an IMPACT! After years of presenting at the same conferences, Lebert Fitness finally asked me to give it a shot and all I had to say was....WOW! The rows are insane and the harder you work, the more effective the HIIT System becomes! There's so many exercises you can do at home and because it can also be used as a partner training tool you have the added benefit of teamwork, efficiency, communication, building each other up and some friendly competition. I just wish they would have showed me sooner! 

Todd Durkin 

Internationally recognized strength and conditioning coach 

Why I love my Lebert EQualizers......... my Lebert Equalizers are intact and as functional as the day they came out of the box years ago! I am part of an outdoor exercise group and through the years I've seen a lot of equipment come and go. It's almost a given that the constant use and exposure to all of the outdoor elements relegates a lot of the equipment we use to the junk pile in a relatively short period of time. That is not the case with the Lebert EQualizers. They are by far, the most resilient equipment we utilize. Perhaps the only thing that surpasses this equipment's durability is its versatility! A lot of exercise equipment can be fairly limited in its use, but the functionality of the Lebert EQualizers seems almost limitless. Session for cardio, strength, chest, arms, legs, core, agility, speed, and stretching can effectively be built around this single piece of equipment. Its functionality is essentially limited to your creativity. If you're looking for an insanely durable and versatile piece of equipment to bring to your exercise program, you'd be foolish to not put this one at the top of your wish list. 

Virginia Katz