The Lebert Fitness Parallettes are an essential piece of equipment for any bodyweight strength training exercises and workouts. Increase muscle stamina, build shoulder and core strength while also reducing risk of wrist strain. Includes two downloadable PDF Workout Guides (Lebert Fitness Parallette Beginner Workout Guide and the Back to Basics Equalizer Workout Guide).
By moving quickly between exercises you will also get a great cardiovascular workout while also challenging your core. With its solid stainless steel construction and high density, non slip commercial grade grips, these are ideal for performing dips, pushups, l-sits, stretches and many more bodyweight strength training exercises. Light weight, portable and easy to store - 12"H x 25"L (Grip Width 13.5" / T-Leg Width 16") with each bar weighing 5lbs and supporting up to 400lbs.

Lebert Parallettes

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