Profile: Kelly's Bootcamp

Kelly's Bootcamp

I Met Marc Lebert at the Dcac Fitness Conference in August 2011. It Was Love at First Sight.

I had been running an outdoor Bootcamp, Kelly’s Bootcamp, for two years with hundreds of students, training in a parking lot primarily using body weight and hand weights. To balance out all of the pushing and pressing, I searched for a way to incorporate a pull.

Marc demonstrated the vertical row and hundreds of other exercises that can be done with one EQualizer bar or two. I liked that the EQualizer allowed for progressions and regressions that would genuinely accommodate the diverse population that we served. I knew that this piece of equipment would be a game-changer for our workout community, and it was also clear that Marc’s passion and purpose were the real deal. Right from the start, my gut told me the product was going to have longevity backed by education and ongoing training.

“Ten years later, we use them every day. The EQualizers are incredibly diverse, utilized for partner drills, circuits, obstacle courses, mobility work, warm-ups, strength, cardio drills, and stretching.”

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