Partner Spotlight - Kuel LIfe

From time to time we like to feature organizations trying to make positive differences in a person’s overall well being. Frustrated by the lack of age-positive information and messages for women in mid-life, Jacqueline (Jack) and Robin created Kuel Life.

Kuel Life celebrates the collective power of women through a lifestyle website, online community, and Kuel Shop for women 45+. Committed to bringing quality, informative, and relevant content, they aim to share and empower each other with stories of real women. The Kuel Shop’s primary mission is to bring curated goods and services BY women FOR women; empowering women entrepreneurs. We are clearly an exception!

We were introduced to Kuel Life when it came to our attention that Jack had reviewed and introduced the Lebert EQualizer to her Community: “These bars are the perfect piece of equipment, if you are looking to take body weight workouts to the next level. With so many available exercises, theses bars are a great way to kick-start a dull workout routine. Lightweight, portable, and easy to store, these bars are an easy add-on to your home gym.” We obviously couldn’t agree more with her 😊 and love what Kuel Life is doing to encourage and help make fitness more accessible to their followers!