How To Create A Minimalist Home Gym

How To Create A Minimalist Home Gym 0

Personally, I enjoy being “at the gym”. Being in the right physical environment with other people can be motivating. Full disclosure here: I own a training facility, so I’m likely biased.
Working Around Joint Pain

Working Around Joint Pain 0

Aching and painful joints is a common malady, especially among older adults. While arthritis is a common culprit in causing joint pain, other factors include inflammation, repetitive motion, weak muscles, a lack of mobility and being overweight.
Marc Lebert's Beginner EQ Workout

Marc Lebert's Beginner EQ Workout 0

Instagram can be a crazy place of extremes. We all get caught up in it and I have to admit some of the things I see people do with our Lebert EQualizers® (EQ’s for short) paints the edges from ridiculous to downright impressive! And while I developed the product for bodyweight strength training, athletic conditioning and stretching I am amazed at the incredible number of applications I see the product being used for today.