Minimalist Equipment, Maximal Workout Potential:  Why You'll Love the Lebert EQualizer Bars
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Minimalist Equipment, Maximal Workout Potential: Why You'll Love the Lebert EQualizer Bars

Look forward to your at-home workouts with Lebert EQualizer bars so you can wake up each day feeling strong and proud of the body you've created.

Lebert EQ's were the first calisthenics equipment I ever acquired. I was a full-time office worker who wanted to get fit and mobile with calisthenics. These bars helped me transform from a complete calisthenics beginner all the way up to the advanced athlete I am today.

Welcome, I'm Summerfunfitness. I'm on a mission to help you learn how to easily incorporate calisthenics training so you can be fit and mobile regardless of your ability to access a gym.

Here's why I love my EQualizers and why you will too:

One Unit, Endless Exercises

The EQualizer’s versatility makes them a highly functional tool for workouts at home, at the gym or even at the park. They can be used for many training styles at all fitness levels.

With proper programming and exercise selection, EQualizers can be used for:

  • HIIT
  • Calisthenics (beginner to advanced)
  • Muscle Building
  • Sculpting
  • Stretching/Mobility

One Time Purchase, Life-Long Use

The diversity of exercises that can be done with the EQualizers makes them an excellent tool for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you're training with your children, partner, or elderly parents, there's something for everyone. As you progress towards your fitness goals, you'll find that you'll never outgrow the EQ bars; how you use them will just change as your goals change.

Who are the Lebert EQualizers good for?

This Simple Tool Will Reignite Your Workout Motivation

Sometimes, you just don't feel like getting down to the floor to do a quick stretch or a few push-ups - but you know it'll make your body feel good. The EQ's height and comfy grips make it super easy to quickly stop and squeeze in some dips, knee raises, or stretch out the upper back without dropping to the ground.

Why EQualizers Over Regular Dip Stations?

Unlike some other bars that are set at a fixed width, the Lebert EQualizers are free to move around, making them more versatile and easier to store than the competitors. 

I’ve personally tried a few other brands of dip bars (even more expensive ones) but in the end, Lebert Fitness wins my vote as their bars are high quality, feel great in your hands and are sturdy yet lightweight. Lebert Fitness also includes tons of free workouts, inspiration and information to help you stay consistent with your new workout routine.

  • Small Condo Friendly.  These bars tuck nicely into each other so you can work out when you want, then tuck them away when you rather be watching TV. The lightweight design makes them reasonably easy to transport. Marc Lebert even takes his EQ's to Tim Hortons!
  • More Gains with Less Equipment.  Due to the independently sturdy design, you can use the bars separately, resulting in a much greater range of exercise options compared to a fixed dip station.
  • Partner Workouts Made Easier.  The adjustable width of the bars makes doing Dips, L-Sits, and Shoulder Stands easier for partners with different body shapes.
  • Build Balance and Lower Body Mobility. Use the bars for support when learning to lunge, squat, or as a helping hand when working towards splits or other lower mobility drills.


The simple, easy-to-store, and highly versatile Lebert EQualizers are a great tool for building muscle and strength from any location. Get your pair today.

Need some help starting calisthenics with your EQ bars? Here are the Top 10 Dip Bar Exercises for Calisthenics Beginners.