Micro-Dosing Movement: The Missing Link to Your Long-Term Health 

Micro-Dosing Movement: The Missing Link to Your Long-Term Health 

At our company Seven Movements, we spend a lot of time talking about the 80%. The 80% for us are the 4 out of 5 people (across all age brackets) not hitting recommended activity targets. How do we get people moving who are not moving? Better yet, how do we get people moving in places they are traditionally sedentary? Our solution, micro-dosing movement. That is, breaking up your exercise into small movement snacks you can do throughout the day to break up sedentary behaviour while slowly adding to your exercise totals for the day. Perfect for those just starting to add to their exercise totals or even those gym goers with an office job to keep the body moving throughout the day. 

The Benefits   

  1. Time: Many people find it difficult to find time for exercise. Micro-dosing movement pretty much eliminates these excuses. Do you have 7-minutes in your day? Then you can find time for a little bit of movement. 
  2. Breaking up stagnation: Not moving at all often leaves us in all kinds of pain and literally takes years off of our lives. I am sure you have seen the headline of recent years that "Sitting is the new smoking". Breaking up prolonged stagnation is an absolute must if you want to stay healthy and moving well. 
  3. Getting Started: Many of our clients talk to us about the difficulty of getting started. They are told by their physician they need to start exercising more so they naturally join a gym or studio or worse they enter into some HIIT training program they found online that is simply not sustainable for them, particularly if they have not really been exercising for a long period of time. Micro-dosing movement allows you to build a habit of exercise into your day one step at a time without the overwhelmed. We can then build on this existing new habit to add more and more movement into your day. 
  4. Prepare your body for performance: Injuries often occur when we go from periods of prolonged stagnation to short periods of intense exercise. That exercise might take place in the gym, a field, or even horsing around with the kids. Micro-dosing movement allows us to prime the body to perform throughout the day by keeping the tissues hydrated, the pumps pumping, and the joints moving. It is simple but effective.

Hitting Recommended Exercise Targets   

As stated above only 1 in 5 North Americans are hitting recommended exercise targets of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise daily. It is why we created our Daily Dose Program with Lebert Fitness. These programs deliver four 7-minute micro-doses of movement each day. The EQualizer bars are the perfect home office companion to begin micro-dosing movement, plus they are one of the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment we have come across. They make micro-dosing movement fun! Complete your 4 doses a day and you will be very close to hitting your daily exercise target without even counting any of the other movements you might do before or after your workday.   

We invite you to come and try micro-dosing movement with us in our free Seven Movements Community. See you there!