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Q: Can anyone do this program?

A: Yes! The program was designed for anyone looking to get stronger and into better shape.

Marc also includes advice on regressions on key exercises if you aren’t ready for the full movement.

Each week gets a bit harder but do your best and go at your own pace.

Q: What size EQualizer should I have?

A: Great question! For most people, the standard size EQ is perfect. You can do hundreds of exercise variations with it.

You would typically move up in EQ size for one of two reasons; your height and whether you want to start more advanced calisthenics training.

Here is a simple guide:

Standard EQualizer – heights up to 5’10”

XL EQualizer – best for heights 5’10” to 6’ 2”

XXL EQualizer – anyone over 6’3” OR anyone practicing more advanced calisthenics. The extra size and width provide extra space and room for range of motion.

Q: How many times a week should I do the workout?

A: The first two weeks we would encourage you to do them 5-6 times/week. These are the foundation building, full-body workouts that start to build your conditioning and comfort with the EQualizers. If you need to slow down a bit, either cut out a workout to give yourself a bit more time to recover or just follow along at your own pace and focus on practicing the movements.

The last two weeks are a bit harder, so we are recommending that you don’t do more than 4-5 times/week to ensure you have enough time to recover.