The Functional Training Features of the HIIT System

360 Degrees of Efficiency and Flexibility:

Efficient and flexible, the HIIT System is a tool designed to meet your needs. Whether warming up or opting for challenging movements, agility and plyometric work can be inserted without ever having to put the HIIT SYSTEM down. Faster endurance type work is easily achieved while executing unilateral, bilateral or rotational movements. What does this mean? More work and less down time. 


The HIIT SYSTEM and Movement:  

  • The HIIT System is a lightweight, portable, and multi-planar training tool. It creates “work” or challenge via Cooperative Reciprocal Resistance (C.R.R.), unique to the HIIT SYSTEM. 
  • The HIIT SYSTEM is ideal for home and outdoor usage but was originally created to promote better interaction between trainer & teacher and to encourage partner work among fitness participants.  
  • The HIIT SYSTEM can be used in virtually any setting; Individually while anchored to nearly anything or with a partner, it creates resistance with each pull. When working with the HIIT SYSTEM muscles work concentrically and eccentrically, on the same and on opposite sides of the body simultaneously. 
  • It is made up of two primary Hand Grips, System Strap and a Floating Handle which is attached to the Friction Ring. “Freely moveable” means the HIIT SYSTEM is completely portable, and a can be anchored virtually anywhere. The Friction Ring allows for unilateral and bi-lateral movements as well as unlimited lines of push or pull to enhance the functional, neuromuscular integrative training experience.