The Functional Training Features of the EQualizer®

The EQualizer® is extremely versatile and creates the ability to train secondary fitness components, as well as the core, in a highly functional manner that can replicate daily life or sports specific patterns. With one piece of equipment, you can perform multiple exercises that typically require the assistance of large weight training equipment. The EQ® also: 

  1. Allows participants to use their own body weight as resistance, with levels of success based on their own strengths, 
  2. Trains cardio, core, endurance, strength, and flexibility, 
  3. Can be combined with other pieces of equipment, 
  4. Has multiple applications for fitness such as group fitness, home gyms, sports conditioning, personal training, youth fitness, senior activities and more, 
  5. Are safe, lightweight and easy to store, and 
  6. Allows for self-spotting (In other words, the time taken to teach a movement is greatly reduced on this equipment compared to others, with adjustments made by students without the need for coaches to correct them as much.) 


In addition to the above-listed features, the EQualizer® can be used in a variety of ways, with any number of people. 

  • As a single bar, for one person, 
  • Double bar for one person or 
  • Double bars for up to 4 people 


Due to the versatility of the EQualizer®, we are able to use the equipment for multiple purposes such as: 

  • Pulling apparatus, 
  • Pushing apparatus, 
  • Deceleration marker, 
  • Resistance, 
  • Assistance, 
  • Floor work apparatus, 
  • Balance tool, and 
  • Stretching assistant