The Lebert EQualizer is in!

Pull-up and equalizer bars to maximize your bodyweight work

Nope, not all bodyweight training is gear-free. That’s especially true for any pulling, or back-strengthening, work. After all, it’s basically impossible to perform pull-ups or bodyweight rows without something to hold onto and, well, pull against. That’s where pull-up bars and equalizer bars, their freestanding cousin, come in handy.

Considerations: Both types of bars are great for strengthening the back and are natural options for people who like full-body bodyweight training. However, pull-up bars can be one-trick ponies. If you get one, look for options that include multiple grip options. Otherwise, equalizer bars allow you to do more exercises, including rows, L-sits, push-ups, and dips—without damaging the doorway or wall.

Products picks: If you’re in the market for a solo pull-up bar, I recommend a wall-mounted one with multiple handholds like the Onetwofit. While doorway and tension bars can also work, mounting the bar into the studs of your wall provides an extra level of security. Meanwhile, Lebert Fitness Equalizer Bars are the gold-standard for free-standing bars, and many of my clients love them.

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