RBN’s Full Body Parallette Workout


Whether you’ve just received your parallette bars for the first time or you’re looking for an added challenge to your current routine, today we’re sharing a full body workout courtesy of Roy Benitez. Using the Lebert Parallettes, get ready to sweat with these three effective exercises.


An Important Note

Before beginning, it is recommended that you have a good cardiovascular base and foundational understanding on proper form and technique for strength exercises. If you are unsure if it is right for you, please check with your doctor or trainer first.


Mountain Climber L-Sit Kicks

Place your Parallette Bars directly in front of you. Grasping both bars legs behind you in an elevated plank position, kick both feet directly in front of you. Bringing them back to a plank position, perform an elevated mountain climber for 8-10. Kick both feet directly in front of you and continue for 4 sets.



Push Up and Lift

Starting in the same position as the last workout, in a high plank holding both parallette bars. Dip into a push up. When you rise, open up your chest to one side, lifting the parallette above your head. Bring it back down and dip into your push up. Continue for 8-10 reps on both sides.




Modified Parallette Burpee

Starting in an elevated plank position holding both bars, jump your feet forward. Stand up holding both parallettes and raise them above head. Bring both bars back down, jump your feet back and repeat. Continue for 8-10 burpees.



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About The Lebert Parallettes

Lebert Parallette Bars are an essential piece of equipment for body-weight strength training exercises and workouts. Increase muscle stamina, build shoulder and core strength while also reducing risk of wrist strain. To learn more, click here.