Quick 20 Minutes Abs And Cardio Home Workout With Lebert EQualizers

Quick 20-Minute Abs And Cardio Home Workout with Lebert EQualizers

All you need for this workout is a timer and a set of Lebert EQualizer bars! This is for any fitness level - from beginner to pro. Watch our Lebert Fitness Health & Wellness Coach and Expert, Jesse Benjamin, take you through this full body workout. Let's go! 

Workout Directions

There are 5 exercises for this workout. Do each move in a row as a circuit.

Option 1 : Work 40 sec, Rest 20 sec

Option 2: Work 45 sec, Rest 15 sec

Do the circuit 4 times = 20 mins total

1. Squat + Hip Opener

  • Alternate a bodyweight squat with a leg sweep over a single bar
  • Sit weight back in heels with squat
  • Make sure your back stays straight and does not start to curve at bottom of squat
  • You can make it easier by:
    • only doing hip openers over the bar and omitting the squat
    • make bar lower by resting on side (with handle toward you)
  • You can make it more difficult by adding a hop and some speed to the hip opener 


2. Knee Ups

  • Start in high plank position with arms stacked (shoulders, elbows, wrists in a line)
  • Place bars shoulder width apart
  • Abs engaged
  • Back straight
  • Pelvis tucked
  • Use momentum to swing forward and bring your knees towards your chest
  • Shoot your feet back again to return to plank
  • To make easier, start with feet in front of your body, knees bent, and just bring one knee towards chest at a time, no momentum
  • To make harder, start from a suspended position and pull knees towards chest, no momentum


3. Heismans

  • Place both bars on the ground as shown, equal distance apart
  • Start with inside knee elevated
  • Coordinate your arm drives with your feet movement
  • Step in and over each bar as quickly as possible with a pause at each end
  • To make easier, keep knees lower and move at a slower pace
  • To make harder, pump arms harder, lift knees higher, and increase speed 


4. Mountain Climbers

  • Start in an elevated plank position
  • Place bars shoulder width apart
  • Alternate sides, driving knee in towards hands while keeping upper body fixed and core engaged
  • Make easier by slowing down and stepping legs in one at a time
  • Make harder by speeding up your pace


5. Ins and Outs

  • Start on the ground with one bar in front of you
  • Balance yourself by placing your hands slightly behind you
  • Keep feet off ground the entire time
  • Engage and use abs to keep yourself in this modified V-position
  • Make easier by omitting the sweep over top of the bar
  • If the in-and-out portion is still too challenging you can alternate tapping heels to the floor while in V-position
  • Make harder by leaning back more and increasing your ROM that your feet travel