Lebert Fitness Honours and supports the Canadian Military Community
Fitness for All

New! Lebert Fitness Honours and Supports the Canadian Military Community!

Fitness for all is not just a concept for Lebert Fitness, it’s something we truly believe in and are extremely passionate about. Through our Fitness For All program, we are now able to support and give back to the very communities that have helped build our company.

Lebert Fitness is proud to offer members of the CF Appreciation community a special discount on all purchases made though our website.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from those sales will go to a national Canadian charity that supports military families, funds community-based programs, and contributes to the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research.

About CF Appreciation

The CF Appreciation Program was created to offer a variety of discounts to Canadian military personnel and their families in recognition of their sacrifices and dedication. Through the efforts of CF Appreciation, the Canadian Armed Forces Community (Over 1,000,000 members both past and present), have access to an official discount program that boasts over 2500 Industry Partners worldwide. For more information about CF Appreciation, please visit: https://cfappreciation.ca/