The launch of fitness for all
Fitness for All

Lebert Fitness 2.0 - The Launch of Fitness for All!

We just celebrated 15 years in business and it’s a great time to reflect and think about how we have managed to not only survive but thrive in this competitive marketplace. And the answer lies in our vision of making fitness more accessible to everyone. Marc created the EQualizer to make home workouts more accessible when his clients had limited space (and budget) and it’s this concept of ‘accessibility’ that is the backbone of everything we have done and will continue to do.

Here is what ‘Accessibility’ means to us:

  1. Quality! Our relentless pursuit of quality not only applies to the strength and durability of every product we make but to the quality of the design itself. Every product has been rigorously tested, tweaked and tested again until Marc was satisfied that they would give our clients the best exercise experience possible. Being the original in the industry we can guarantee that no other company has devoted as much time and attention to giving you the best tools possible!
  2. Versatility! Most of us don’t have limitless resources or space to have multiple, expensive exercise machines so it was important to us to make simple, elegant tools that can be used virtually anywhere and for almost every body part and exercise goal. The EQualizer alone has hundreds of exercise possibilities! Check out our new exercise gallery and get a feel for how many things you can do!
  3. Knowledge and Inspiration! The best tools need to have the best support. When someone purchases our products, we know that our job is really just beginning. As part of the Lebert Fitness family you have access to newsletters, exercise and workout galleries, and a newly launched private Health and Wellness Facebook Group that is user driven and there to educate, support and inspire you!

We are 15 years strong and feel that we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of how we can help people lead a healthier life! Here’s to the next 15!