coach to coach book

Coach to Coach: An Empowering Story About How to Be a Great Leader

Coach to Coach follows the story of Brian Knight, a young man experiencing the challenges both the on and off the field that come with coaching sports. He’s spent the last decade striving to land his dream job, only to realize he may no longer have the skills or drive necessary to reach the top. After a devastating loss and deteriorating relationships with his players and family, Brian’s life seems to be unravelling—until he encounters a mysterious old coach who seems to have some important answers to his problems.

Whether you are a sport coach, teacher, parent, spouse, co-worker, manager or boss, the invaluable lessons in Coach to Coach are designed to help you recognize your importance as a coach. Written in the style of a simple parable, this engaging book gives you an easy-to-use yet highly effective formula for bringing out the best in yourself and others.

Based on his two decades of coaching high school, college and professional sport teams, Martin Rooney uses his gift of storytelling to reveal the coaching mindset necessary to be the inspirational leader you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Packed with motivational stories, Coach to Coach is a heartwarming tale that will empower you to fulfill your one true job as a coach: To take people where they want to go. 

The first time I heard Martin speak at a Perform Better conference, I was blown away. This is one powerful, passionate and amazing coach! Anyone who has heard him speak will say the same. His stories, messages and lessons are all about purpose, and not many understand coaching as well as Martin. Since it’s not always possible to hear him speak, I highly recommend this book. You and your clients will benefit greatly!”

 Marc Lebert, Chief Fitness Officer, Lebert Fitness

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coach to coach book

coach to coach book


Why did best-selling author, Martin Rooney, write this empowering book for coaches, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, educators, parents, and anyone wanting to bring out the best in those around them?


For years I have said, “Everyone is a coach and a coach has the most important job in the world.” It’s unfortunate it took our current circumstances to validate this idea.

When I started my book Coach to Coach with, “The world needs better coaches,” even I couldn’t predict how badly great coaches would be needed at this challenging time in the home. I could also not imagine how having been a great coach to either your family, athletes, business members or employees could be such an asset right now. But being known to your people as “their coach” (in addition to “mom,” “dad,” “boss,” or “friend”) may be the most impactful role you can play.

When I wrote the highlighted words in Coach to Coach, I knew they uncovered the ultimate measure of one’s coaching. Now as we are all spending less time together, you are getting a chance to learn the lessons your coach taught you as well as the current strengths and weaknesses in your own coaching relationships.

As people are asked to “do the right things” to beat this virus, another thing I has become more apparent: The success or failure of the world will ultimately depend on individuals. And right now, every individual will depend on the skills and influence of the people who they call their coaches. Yes, world and community leaders need to step up, but in your role as a coach, I am daring you to step up too.

Yes, it is time to get out a positive and supportive message, but a great coach must also listen if he or she ever expects anyone to listen. Meet people where they are right now; People want and need to be heard. And only when you do that can a coach, parent, husband, wife or friend deliver what that other person needs.

The reason I wrote Coach to Coach was to show there is more than the technical side of coaching. Now you will learn more than ever that coaching is not just about “brains.” Yes, when you are coaching up yourself, think with your head; but when you are coaching up someone else, love with your heart.

A great coach is rare. That is why people rarely forget the ones they had.

Be THAT great coach for someone else.


- Martin Rooney