Total Body Conditioning Workout
With Equipment

Total Body Conditioning Workout

Instagram can be a crazy place of extremes. We all get caught up in it and I have to admit some of the things I see people do with our Lebert EQualizers® (EQ’s for short) paints the edges from ridiculous to downright impressive! And while I developed the product for bodyweight strength training, athletic conditioning and stretching I am amazed at the incredible number of applications I see the product being used for today. I’ve come across everything from yoga to basketball training, calisthenics to fighter fit training. It’s absolutely awesome.

At the end of the day, however, most of us trainers are working with the average Joe or Jane looking to improve their fitness, movement quality and health. To this end I would like to offer the following beginner EQ workout for those just starting out and/or starting their fitness journey in the New Year.

Do each exercise for 30 seconds at a comfortable pace, keeping quality of movement as the most important variable.

  1. Step or jog forward and back over the EQ’s (just saved you $500 on a treadmill 😉)
  2. Side shuffle across and over the EQ’s (lift knees and move arms)
  3. EQ mountain climbers (hips down and core tight)
  4. EQ shoulder press (full range of motion)
  5. EQ shoulder press with squat
  6. EQ incline chest press (also shown incline chest press alternating single leg - pick just one)
  7. EQ inverted rows (also shown inverted rows alternating single leg - pick just one)
  8. EQ tricep dips leg assisted (also shown tricep dips with feet up - pick just one)
  9. EQ ab kick outs over and under (also shown between legs - pick just one)
  10. Repeat sequence once more OR move into stretch

EQ quad and hamstring stretches are shown in the video but there are many more stretches that can be done using the EQ. 

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