Skill Drill Saturday by Little T Fitness Sponsored by Lebert Fitness - Yoga Block Push Up Variations


Yoga Block Push Up Variations with Little T


Since so many of us are back to at home workouts here are some great variations to add to your workout routine. Whether it’s yoga blocks or anything else elevated (books, dumbbells, small boxes).

1) Partial Pushups: placing a yoga block under your chest and tapping it each time you go for a push-up. This helps strengthen the top half of your push-up.

2) Push-up commandos: Performing a tricep push-up between the yoga blocks then placing a hand on each yoga block doing a deficit push-up. Helps with building endurance and strength at a greater ROM.

3) Single arm alternating stack pushups: One arm will alternate with high elevated push-up to elevated tricep push-up. One of my favourite to add in during workouts.

4) Planche pushups: Aiming to have your shoulder surpass your hands and chest to touch floor. The different angle of this push-up is great for anyone working towards press, planche, or handstand push-ups.

Biggest tip: there are endless variations of pushups! One of my favourite things to do during my workouts to make my traditional weight lifting feel more challenging is super setting each exercise with a different push-up variation.


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