Skill Drill Saturday by Little T Fitness Sponsored by Lebert Fitness - Weight Shift Progression


Weight Shift Progression with Little T


Box assisted weight shift (Beginner): Focusing on starting with the weight in the back of your hand and shifting forward until you feel the weight in the to of your and and fingers. You want to be able to actively “grab” the floor with your fingers. Have your fingers spread evenly and facing forward and maintain straight arms the entire motion.

Wall assisted tuck handstand weight shift (Intermediate): Starting in a tuck handstand but purposely putting the weight into the back of your hand slowly straighten your legs so you can shift your weight into the top of your hand. Arms should be straight, and core engaged the entire movement. You can also straighten fully to L-stand as well for further progression.

Wall assisted split handstand shift to handstand (Advanced): One of my current favourites when it comes to drill work! Starting with one foot flat against the wall and the other extended into either and L stand or split. Weight should be in the back of the hand and as you peel the foot off transfer the weight into the top of the hand and fingers.

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