Skill Drill Saturday by Little T Fitness Sponsored by Lebert Fitness - Stalder Press to Handstand Conditioning


Workout by Little T Fitness

Stalder Press to Handstand Conditioning.

1) Straddle holds: modified feet up or bum off the ground and eventually full straddle sit. Holding for 15-30 seconds

2) Stalder to straddle: starting in a straddle sit and rolling up to compressed straddle. Make sure the arms stay straight and focus on the bum rolling up. 5-8 reps

3) Stalder to push-up: straddle sit roll up to push-up. Focus on keeping the weight into the hands so you can control your landing in the push-up. 5-8 reps

4) Hollow body to straddle handstand: hollow body rocker to stalder then rolling up to straddle handstand. Controlling the negative on the way down so you can return back to a hollow body. 3-5 reps

Biggest tip: Make sure you’re practicing all drills with PURPOSE. Remembering the cues of straight arms, leaning forward, and tight core. Most common mistake is trying to arch and circle your legs up to handstand rather than keeping a neutral spine and circling your legs up.

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