Skill Drill Saturday by Little T Fitness Sponsored by Lebert Fitness - Pull Up Progression


Pull Up Progressions with Little T


1)Feet Elevated Inverted Rows: Keeping body rigid through the entire exercise. Focus on retracting your scaps first before the row. You can modify this drill to feet on the floor or progress this drill to feet on the wall. 3 x 10-12

2)Single Arm Inverted Rows: Keeping body rigid and square through the entire exercise Focus on retracting your scaps first before the row. Perform the exercise on your “weaker” side first. 3 x 8-10

3)Hanging scap retractions: One of my favourites to use as a warm-up before pull-ups. Focus on engaging your lats as much as you can. Arms should be straight the entire time and there should be no swinging. 3 x 10-12

4)Hanging scap retraction hold: Similar to retractions but you will pull as high as you can with your scaps and then hold at the top. Slightly lean back so your sternum (chest) is facing the ceiling. Focusing on squeezing your shoulders blades and engaging the lats as much as possible. 3 x max

5)Banded Tempo Pull-ups: Ego to the side! I always use a band for tempo pull-ups as I want to make sure I’m able to initiate the movement with my lats through every rep especially as I start to fatigue. Focus on chest touching the bar rather than your chin/eyes. Slow 3 count on the way up and 3 counts on the way down. 3 x 8-10

Biggest Tip: When performing a pull-up think of pulling the bar to you rather than pulling yourself to the bar. Retract your lats first which allows you to position yourself so your chest is puffed out and touching the bar with head well above. Record yourself from different angles to look at how your scaps

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