Skill Drill Saturday by Little T Fitness Sponsored by Lebert Fitness - Lower Body Mobility


Lower Body Mobility with Little T


1) Sumo squat - straddle compression: Alternating feet at a 45 degree and sitting in a deep sumo squat with feet parallel and compressing into a straddle. Making sure to sink deeper into both stretches with every rep. x 8-10

2) Adductors & hamstring: For both stretches make sure the leg that is being reached for remains straight (toe can be flexed for an extra stretch) while the other bends. Making sure to sink deeper into both stretches with every rep. x 8-10
3) Pancake compressions: Legs positioned in a 90 degree angle. Start sitting up straight and hinging at the waist trying to get get as flat as possible. Make sure to keep legs externally rotated (knees facing the ceiling) throughs the entire movement. x 8-10 reps

4) Cossack side stretch & front lunge with back extension: Sitting at the bottom of your Cossack squat and reaching towards the straight leg. Make sure your heel stays planted on the ground and try to stay as low to the ground as possible while you reach. Sitting at the bottom of your front lunge slowly extend backwards. Imagine trying to reach arms arms to the wall behind you while still sitting deep into your front lunge. x 15-20 seconds

5) Needle kicks: Free standing and supporting leg stays straight through the entire motion while your heels stays flat on the ground. The goal is to get as close to full split or overspilt as possible. x 8-10 reps

Biggest tip: Just like any workout routine breathe is extremely important when stretching. With each rep of second make sure you are aware of your breathe and let it work with you rather than against you. With each exhale you ideally want to let yourself relax into the stretch a little more. Another important aspect of stretching is making sure to incorporate both static and dynamic stretches. Having a mixture of both will help increase your flexibility and also keep the routine more “interesting”.


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