Skill Drill Saturday by Little T Fitness Sponsored by Lebert Fitness - Handstand Warm Up


Handstand Warm Up with Little T


1)Wrist Stretches: With my history of wrist injuries I spend about 5-8 minutes fully warming up my wrists. I alternating between static and dynamic stretches. I make sure to stretch and load all aspects of my wrists as well as massaging out my triceps and forearms before a handstand session.

2)Lat activation & Stretching: With a light band I perform about 15 straight arm pulldowns to help “wake up” my lats. In addition I hold each single arm lat stretch for 30- 45 seconds and focus on opening up my shoulders and feeling a big stretch in my lats.

3)Core activation & body awareness: Alternating between prone hollow body and superman for 8-10 reps. I love this drill as a warmup because it forces me to round my chest and suck belly button to spine for handstand (prone hollow) and open my shoulders and squeeze my lower body (superman).

4)Hamstring & upper body flexibility and strength: Tricep pushup to wall assisted needle stretch 3-5 reps each leg. A slightly more demanding warm-up but one of my favourites. The pushups help warm up my chest, triceps, and shoulders before handstands and the needle helps with my hamstring flexibility making all of my handstand positions easier (kick up, holds, presses, etc).

* Regression: Separating the movements rather than connecting. Stretching your needle superset with a set of tricep pushups
* Progression: The further away your foot is from the wall the greater the hamstring stretch

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