Skill Drill Saturday by Little T Fitness Sponsored by Lebert Fitness - Handstand Drills
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Skill Drill Saturday by Little T Fitness Sponsored by Lebert Fitness - Handstand Drills

Handstand Drills with Little T

  1. Weighted straight body overhead hold: Using a weight, preferably a plate stand with feet together and arms overhead. Goal is to mimic a right side up handstand position. Make sure that you are thinking of all your handstand alignment cues while in this position
  2. Wall assisted handstand shoulder shrugs: You can do these tummy side or back side to the wall. Starting in a handstand pushing up into your shoulders so you are actively pressing away from the floor and then “relaxing” so that your shoulders are passively holding the handstand. Key is to feel the different between being “active” with open shoulders and “passive” closed shoulders. You should also feet a difference in head position and weight distribution in your hands.
  3. Wall assisted tuck handstand slides: One of my favourite drills! This one is great for increasing your endurance, providing tactile feedback, and increasing body control while in a handstand. Starting with hands slightly further away from the wall to provide space for your knees to tuck. Slowly slide your knees into your chest while maintaining a tight core and active shoulders then slide legs back up to handstand.
  4. Wall assisted kick up to handstand: Another one of my favourite drills because it helps with one of the hardest aspects of learning a handstand. The control and awareness of bringing both legs together to meet in a handstand. Start with one leg anchored to the wall while the other is slightly passed handstand. As you slowly peel away from the wall make sure the free standing leg begins to move so that the two legs meet in handstand