Skill Drill Saturday by Little T Fitness Sponsored by Lebert Fitness - Assisted Handstand Drills

Assisted Handstand Drills with Little T


Little T uses the following 3 drills the most to help with body alignment and weight distribution in her hands. Having different spots of contact during an assisted handstand helps with body awareness. For all of the below drills you want to focus on pressing upwards to the ceiling so you can have “open” shoulders, weight into the top of your hand, and lastly squeezing your butt and having “flat” hips. You want to be able to draw a straight line from your ankle bone to your wrist - everything should be STACKED.

1)Assisted handstand (forearm support): Positioning yourself so your forearms are supported by an elevated sturdy surface. This drill can be modified and be done with a bigger box making it a box supported handstand.

2)Wall assisted handstand (belly side): Positioning your hands as close to the wall as you can. Goal is to only have your chest touching the wall so there is minimal reliance on the wall for support and balance.

3)Barbell assisted handstand: Positioning the barbell so it is around you achilles / calf. A progression of this drill can also be done with a resistance band looped around a squat rack or a rig. The resistance band is less supportive thus you are primarily holding the handstand yourself.

Biggest tip: Quality over quantity always, holding a counterbalanced banana back handstand will not progress you very far with any other advanced handstand movements like pirouettes, pushups, or presses. Focus on the quality of your handstand. You are never too experienced to use assistance. I continue to work on these drills myself to correct my form or to work handstand endurance.


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