Learn a little more about me, what I do at work, and why I’m so passionate about spreading the word that EXERCISE IS MEDICINE!
I am an internal medicine doctor. At work I take care of patients hospitalized with conditions like:
  • Sepsis; due to infections like pneumonia, UTI's, bloodstream infections and infected wounds
  • Heart disease; including heart attacks and fluid overload due to heart failure
  • Breathing problems and low oxygen due to conditions like asthma, COVID-19, and smoking-related lung disease
  • Abnormal bleeding (often gastrointestinal) and severe anemia requiring transfusions
  • Blood clots; usually of the limbs and lungs
  • Liver and kidney injury failure
  • Uncontrolled blood pressure
  • Dangerously elevated blood sugar

My job is to stabilize these patients to the point that they can be safely cared for outside the hospital. Many of my patients are too weakened to safely go back home and instead require nursing or rehab facilities.

Although I count it a deep privilege to care for these patients, often I wish I could turn back the time and prevent some of the conditions that contributed to their current circumstances.

My experience with disease motivates my passion for wellness and prevention! EXERCISE is one of our best tools for:

  • Enhancing daily mood and function
  • Preventing many chronic conditions and their complications Improving resiliency against and recovery from acute physiological stressors like infection, trauma and surgery
  • Preserving function and promoting independence throughout the whole lifespan.

Exercise truly is medicine!


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