Lebert Fitness Limited Lifetime Product Warranty (All Products)

Lebert Fitness warranties the quality of Lebert Fitness products against manufacturing defects, including any defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the product.

This limited lifetime warranty does not cover any problems which result from accident, neglect, modification, abuse, stunts or exercises not endorsed by company, or other misuse of the product. This includes, but not limited to, exposure to external elements, impact damage, normal wear and tear, indentations, scratches or surface damage (including abrasions caused by failure to use, protect or maintain the product properly), product deterioration or variations in color or marking that are ordinarily expected based on ordinary use or develop over time because of natural processes such as exposure to sunlight, and damage caused to products during shipping, loss and/or theft. Lebert Fitness has sole discretion to determine manufacturing defects and its remediation through either product replacement or the refund of the purchase price to the original purchaser.