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If you didn’t get a chance to read my last email, I want to encourage you to do so before reading this one. Everything I’m sending you this week is going to build into a crescendo.

Let me start with “Mindset” and why it’s more critical than you likely even realize.

When I first got interested in learning the psychology, neuroscience and practicality of “Mindset,”, 2 things struck me immediately -

(1) Many people TALK about “Mindset,”, but very few actually UNDERSTAND it practically

(2) I initially was interested in learning about it so I could help my clients get and sustain results (which it was PERFECT for), but shortly into investigating it, I realized that there was ONE person who needed it most…

… Me.

It wasn’t just my clients “missing link”. It was also mine.

We learn so much about kinesiology, movement science, nutrition, injury prevention (and everything in between) and we ASSUME that’s all we’ll need to know when it comes to getting people results.

But our clients’ “Mindset” is the biggest limiting issue and unless or until we can help them with that, we really aren’t doing enough to help them create SUSTAINABLE change.

(And for the record, even conservative estimates show that upwards of 80% of fitness participants STOP training, exercising or going to the gym BEFORE they reach their goals).

Me though. Me. That’s where all my “Mindset” education turned my career on its head (in a positive way).

Did I think like a successful fitness entrepreneur?

Did I act like a successful fitness entrepreneur?

Did I make decisions like a successful fitness entrepreneur?

Early in my career, the answer to those 3 questions was, NO.

I didn’t.

And it almost cost me.

Because I came very close to being part of the statistic that shows only a small percentage of Fitness Professionals actually make it past 5-years in business…

… And those that do almost always exist in a very dangerous place financially.

Lose a few clients and our very lifestyle could be compromised.

Lose a couple more and we’re looking for a part-time job to help pay the bills.

One of my own “Mindset” mentors said this to me one day and it literally changed my world -

“Do you own a business or do you own a job?”

That really hit hard.

Because I realized at that exact moment that I owned a “job,”, but not a “business.”.

A sustainably successful business has assets, options, leverage and the capacity to scale.

But that DOESN’T describe MOST fitness businesses in the marketplace today.

For most of us -

(1) If we don’t work, we don’t get paid
(2) If we lose clients, we have to hustle to find more
(3) If we lose too many clients, our personal financial health is at risk
(4) We don’t have the time or energy to scale
(5) We don’t have nearly enough opportunity or leverage to scale

And “scaling” a business doesn’t just mean “charge more” or “make more money.”

What it REALLY means is “diversify opportunities so that you can work less, but be more secure financially.”

With all my original “Mindset” work, that’s what I did.



Yes, my clients got better results.

Yes, my attrition rate went down (so I retained more clients).

And yes, all the “Mindset” education I learned dramatically impacted my clients for the better…

… But it also impacted me.


And my business.

Which is why I am where I am now and why I’m doing what I’m doing for you now.

Again, more on that later (in fact, in my next email).

See you in a couple of days…

Marc Lebert
Chief Fitness Officer

Coming Soon

The First Ever Fit Pro Mindset Mastermind

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