Lebert Fitness Education includes online courses, live workshops, and an expansive Education Team. Our courses are creative, cutting-edge and highly effective for expanding your knowledge of our products. Lebert Fitness Education provides fitness professionals with all of the movement, training and coaching skills needed to conduct successful personal training, small group training and group fitness classes. Our team of highly-skilled Master Trainers will lead you through 4 hour workshops that are approved by ACE, AFAA, and canfitpro.  Please contact for further information

Strive Leadership Summit 2020

The Ultimate Guide to EQualizer® Training

Are you looking for some inspiration and new ideas for your personal training clients, small group training members, group fitness classes, or even your own personal workout? Then, this is the workshop for you! Learn the unique exercises created by using the Lebert EQualizer®, plus ways to revamp your current exercise library.

Review simple and effective progressions and regressions to easily enhance all exercises to fit your clients' personal needs. You may have experienced the Lebert EQualizer® before, but this workshop will vastly expand your knowledge of this versatile piece of equipment. Revitalize your workouts with our innovative 4-hour workshop.

4-Hour Workshop, CECs from ACE (0.40), AFAA (4), NASM (0.4) and canfitpro (2 PTS 2 FIS)

Grab a Buddy System™ - Taking Partner Training to the Next Level

Are you ready to evolve your small group training, bootcamp classes, and personal training clients? Then grab a Buddy System™ and take your functional partner training skills to the next level!

The Lebert Buddy System™ is a completely portable, multi-planar, efficient and flexible training tool! It creates work for participants via Cooperative Reciprocal Resistance (C.R.R.), which is completely unique to the Buddy System™! Within this 4-hour workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about using this versatile piece of equipment in any fitness setting. (4-Hour Workshop. CECs from ACE, AFAA and canfitpro)