Our vision is to make fitness more accessible. That includes doing what we can to support the communities we serve. Since our inception we have supported many causes but have decided to focus on a few that we hold close to our hearts. In fact, we have encouraged Lebert Fitness employees to champion their own cause! We are proud to support the following:

  • Engaging at-risk youth through our Fit For All exercise and donation program
  • Supporting Veterans with a percentage of all sales to the military donated to Veterans support organizations like True Patriot Love
  • Support the Breast Cancer Society with a percentage of sales during select times of the year
Lebert Fitness in the Community with Fitness for All Program


Youth face many pressures in todays world and anxiety/depression are on the rise. Multiple studies across North America indicate that nearly one in five kids are suffering from a mental health issue. While fitness is not a panacea, we firmly believe that exercise plays a critical role in mental and emotional health for all ages. This holds true particularly with youth who are often looking for ways to be included and improve self-esteem.

The Lebert Fitness For All program goes into schools and community centres in ‘at-risk’ areas and conducts boot camps for students and teachers using Lebert equipment which we then leave behind as a donation. In this way we hope to provide some of the knowledge, tools and motivation to get and keep the kids engaged in a sustainable way.

If you are a teacher or community member and see a school or community centre that could benefit from this program we encourage you to contact

Military and First Responder Program

Lebert Fitness has always been a supporter of those who serve their countries, either as a member of the military or first responder (and their families). In fact, our President was an army reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces and remains a staunch supporter of True Patriot Love – a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Veterans and their families as they transition back to civilian life. Physical training is a way of life for our military and first responders and can act as a critical therapeutic tool as they make this important transition.

We offer discounted products to Canadian Military and Royal Canadian Mounted Police serving members and Veterans through For every product sold, 5% will be donated to True Patriot Love so they can continue with their great work. Next steps are to expand the program to include all branches of the armed forces and first responders in all the countries we serve.