Build your own Business Series - The Path to Breakthroughs
Build your own Business
Pat Rigsby

Build your own Business Series - The Path to Breakthroughs

Limitations or constraints are often thought of as a problem, but they can often be a blessing.

They force you out of your comfort zone.

They make you simplify, adapt and create instead of doing what you’ve always done.

And challenges also force you to focus on what really matters.

So when you’re feeling pressured like so many business owners are right now...perhaps you’re being driven toward a breakthrough.

Let those challenges push you toward a better solution.

Yes, you may have to be creative or innovative...but for those of us that don’t default to being innovators, this may unlock that potential inside of you.

My suggestion is to not struggle trying to change your circumstances.

Instead, use that energy and those constraints to create a better solution. A better approach.

Sure, you may not want to hear a different way of thinking about things, but I know that everything I’ve ever done which I’d consider a breakthrough was inspired by challenging circumstances.

I’d think of the problem as if it were a puzzle and I needed to find a new way to solve it.

And in each case, when it seemed like there was no way things wouldn’t get harder, by thinking about the problem at hand differently, the new solution would inevitably be easier & better than before.

I believe it was Plato that said ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’

If so, and I know it has been for me, this may just be your opportunity for a breakthrough.


Pat Rigsby is a father, husband, entrepreneur, coach and author. He has built over a dozen businesses as a CEO and Co-Owner, with five becoming million dollar or multi-million dollar ventures.