Build your own Business Series - How to Succeed

Recently I've had the good fortune to connect with some really successful people in our industry.

From John Berardi to Martin Rooney and Pat Beith to Luka Hocevar.

And there are really two common threads that I see among them all...and those are really the game changer when you combine them.

It's the formula for business success if you ask me.

Here it is:

  • Step #1: You take a concept and do it a bit differently.
  • Step #2: You then go all in on being 10X better than the competition at that thing.

Let me explain what I mean.

None of these guys did something that was completely off the radar.

People did nutrition certifications and coaching.

There were already specialized certifications and brands that fitness businesses could align with.

With almost each successful entrepreneur I've talked with, they went into a category and decided to put their own twist on do them a little differently...or in some cases, a lot differently.

But there was almost always something out there in the general category to begin with.

Then...they went all in on being 10X better at the things they did or do than everyone else in that category.

Whether it was how they coached, the culture they created or the quality of their resources...they 10Xed the competition.

In some cases, they improved on things so much that they established something of a new category...or at least became the standard in the one they were in.

And you know...this is a really simple concept.

You see something that works in a market.

You decide to go into that market, but to put your own twist on things.

Then you commit to being 10X better than everyone else.

For the world of business coaching, my twist was assisting you in the creation of your ideal business instead of just giving you tactics or asking you to blend into a one-size-fits all system.

Then I've gone all in on things like my daily email, coaching, an effort to be 10 times better.

So there is your formula. And if you want to listen to a great podcast that will reinforce it and build on it...listen to the episode I did with Luka Hocevar on the Ideal Business Show here.

It fits really well with this idea. You'll get a lot from it...I know I did.


Pat Rigsby is a father, husband, entrepreneur, coach and author. He has built over a dozen businesses as a CEO and Co-Owner, with five becoming million dollar or multi-million dollar ventures.