Build your own Business Series - Let it be Simple

Sometimes the way we approach business success gets too complicated.

Recently I was talking to a couple of clients who were interested in starting to offer online coaching.

They were getting caught up in all the stuff that bogs us down.

"We have to figure out the right software, develop the ideal marketing approach, etc."

My suggestion?

Send out an email and say they'd take 2 clients.

Pilot a program and get paid to figure details out.

Later in the week, I had a client in to meet and we discussed where his (already successful) business should go next to keep progressing and evolving.

It was obvious he didn't want to expand into a bigger space, but he was letting that possibility weigh on him a bit.

I said don't think about it at all.

There are plenty of ways to improve professionally...focus on the ones that are taking you toward where you want to be personally.

And early in the week my wife Holly sent out an email I'll attach here as a P.S.

She's been getting inquiries over the years about helping moms with their businesses and would tell me about the requests, but never feel good about how to move on them.

Finally, I told her to send an email to see if there was real interest and start a conversation to see if she could help based on what they told her.

The response has been incredible.

Look...there are any number of challenges in business, so with that in mind here are a couple of tips:

1. Lots of events happen that are not within your control...but you control how you respond and that response is what ultimately will lead to the outcome...good or bad.

Respond wisely.

2. Many things are much simpler than we make them:

Want more clients? Set targets for leads, success sessions and sales....then make hitting those targets a priority.

Want more leads? Connect with more people.

Want to achieve a goals? What is the first simple step you can take to move toward

Sure, some things can be when you have the opportunity to choose 'simple'...take it.


Pat Rigsby is a father, husband, entrepreneur, coach and author. He has built over a dozen businesses as a CEO and Co-Owner, with five becoming million dollar or multi-million dollar ventures.