Ukraine Relief Fundraising

"It is dismaying that after enduring eight years of conflict people now face more violence, pain, loss and turmoil. Fear, freezing temperatures and an uncertain future are what families in Ukraine are facing."

Peter Maurer, President, ICRC


Ukraine Relief Efforts

Watching the escalating events in Ukraine destroy lives and create such uncertainty for the future of millions is horrifying for all of us. Therefore, effective immediately, 20% of proceeds from sales of the Yellow Lebert EQualizer will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross -

get stronger, and improve your VO2 max with the Lebert HIIT System!

Our goal is to spread awareness of the relief required in Ukraine and to Ukrainian families, and to the brave countries and people assisting the fleeing refugees. The Yellow EQualizer has always been the symbol for Lebert Fitness which in this case connects us to the Ukrainian colours. 

At checkout, use code  UKRAINE  to save 10% on your purchase price but more importantly, to ensure that 20% of the proceeds go towards helping the relief effort!


To contribute to the Ukraine relief efforts without a purchase, please donate directly using the link here.

Donate Directly and Help Those In Need

Client & Programming Ideas

  • If bodyweight is what you carry around all day, whether in sport or in everyday active living, what could be a more functional method of training than to use one's own body as resistance to improve the ability to move.
  • Functional training is typically defined as exercises that have a purpose or direct intention that relates to movements that a person will encounter in life. As humans, we move in a variety of ways and mainly with multi-joint actions, thus functional training focuses on multi-joint exercises that mimic daily movements while improving the person’s overall fitness components. In simple terms, functional training prepares people to move as well as increases overall proprioception.
  • Discover some core Lebert exercise and programming ideas that you can add to your daily routines, helping you round out your programs (and inspire you creatively). Feel inspired with fresh ideas  and get your clients feeling motivated and confident, explore our videos in the tabs above. 
get stronger, and improve your VO2 max with the Lebert HIIT System!


"I like the HIIT System because it is one of the few ways to perform fat shredding cardiovascular work and build upper body and core strength simultaneously"

Paul Sklar

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