Introducing our newest workout accessories!

From Pull-ups to Presses and Curls to Squats, these workout accessories can be used on their own or combined with other products, and are great for all levels of fitness.

Workout at the Gym

Lebert Mini Bands

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Work out at Home

Functional Assisted Training (F.A.T.) Bands

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Workout with a Partner

 Flex Kord  Bundle

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ABOUT THE workout accessories

Lebert Mini Bands

The Lebert Mini Bands are the perfect workout accessory for any and all ages. 

From the Fitness Professional to the Weekend Warrior, the Lebert Mini Bands are a must-have for any workout area or gym bag. Add resistance to Glutes, Thighs, Hip and Shoulder exercises. Multiple Uses: Ideal for Strengthening, Toning, Rehab, Mobility & Warm-Up Exercises

get stronger, and improve your VO2 max with the Lebert HIIT System!
get stronger, and improve your VO2 max with the Lebert HIIT System!


  • Each Band measures 2” x 10”
  • Lightweight & Portable and made from durable natural latex rubber for reliable long-lasting strength
  • 3 Convenient Color-Coded Resistances (Light - RED, Medium - YELLOW, Heavy – BLACK) make it perfect for any level of conditioning or use. 
  • Made from 100% natural Latex

"I like the HIIT System because it is one of the few ways to perform fat shredding cardiovascular work and build upper body and core strength simultaneously"

Paul Sklar