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When purchasing Lebert EQualizers, please note that lower-cost options mean lower quality. Learn more about where to buy our products, and how to contact us if you think you've found a knock.-off of a Lebert Fitness product. These poorly made imitations can contain lead paint and are not designed for stability, putting people’s safety at risk.

When you purchase an original Lebert Fitness product, you are getting the engineer-tested product meant to withstand heavy use by gyms, schools, athletic training facilities, and more

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- Official Amazon store
- Lebert Fitness authorized distributors
- From Lebert Fitness at trade shows and authorized events.


Lebert Fitness builds quality and durability into our product design including the highest grade steel for our Lebert Equalizers. The Lebert EQualizer is tested against 300 pounds and our products undergo testing for durability and safety.